1 requisition

Requisition and Issue Slip Form

A department or an office may use this online form to request ICT supplies like inks, mouse, etc., needed based on the department's/office's approved PPMP every year.

2 service

Service Request Form

Use this form if an LGU personnel wants to report technical issues or make a request regarding an ICT-related repairs through providing necessary information stated in the form and any further explanation and comments are very much appreciated for initial diagnosis. The LGU personnel then brings the unit/s which needs to be repaired at the ICT Office, 2nd floor City Hall Bldg.

3 borrow

Borrow Slip Form

The ICT Office ensures to keep accurate inventory of ICT Equipment like projectors, PC, etc., assigned to the office. Kindly fill-out this form if you need ICT Equipment for your office's activities and make sure to return it in good condition and right after your activities so that other offices can also borrow it.