Tourism: City Guide

Looking for the next destination to visit in the Philippines? If you’re already in the Mindanao region, you should head out to Valencia, Bukidnon. It is a 2nd class component city in the Bukidnon province and the most populous compared to other cities and municipalities. Located in the heart of the province, it can be likened to Wall Street, if there was one in the city.

Valencia City sits atop the Bukidnon plateau, beside the mighty Pulangi River. Most of the city’s land area is considered rural as it’s full of lush forests and fertile agricultural area. The local government has long-term plans to transform Valencia City into the country’s foremost producer of organic rice.

Typical of the region, rolling hills, mountain ranges, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and caves make up Valencia City. But what sets it apart from the rest of the region is Lake Apo. This serene lake has a beautiful backdrop of hills and mountains and greenery. It’s a crater lake with clear waters, and the cleanest inland body of water in Northern Mindanao.

How to get here

Flying direct to Valencia City is not possible. You still have to go on a bus ride to get to it.

by airAir
Daily flights are available from Manila, Iloilo and Cebu to Cagayan de Oro City or Davao City. From there, land travel is necessary to reach Valencia City.

by seaSea
You can travel by sea from Manila or Cebu to Cagayan de Oro City or Davao City. From there, land travel is necessary to reach Valencia City.

by landLand
You can travel by bus or by a private vehicle from the 2 nearest airports:
NORTH: 145 kilometers, 2 hours and 23 minutes from Lumbia Airport, Cagayan de Oro to the City of Valencia.
SOUTH: 166 kilometers, 2 hours and 46 minutes from Francisco Bangoy International Airport, Sasa, Davao City to the City of Valencia .

Where to stay


  • Hotel Valencia
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 88 828-2007 or (+63) 88 828-4480
    • Adress: P-17 A Hagkol, Valencia City
  • Hotel de Susana and Restaurant
    • Contact Numbers: 0926-792-1478 or 088-828-4482
    • Adress: P-17 A Hagkol, Valencia City
  • UNO Business Hotel & Cafe
    • Phone: (088) 828-3544
    • Adress: P-17 A Hagkol, Valencia City
    • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • GV Hotels in Bukidnon
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 88 315-0120
    • Adress: P-3 Sayre Highway Valencia City
  • Royal Hotel
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 9098633436
    • Adress: Laviña St., Poblacion Valencia City
  • Larstel Inn
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 9156905420
    • Adress: P-4 Bagontaas, Valencia City
  • Triple A
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 9178789890
    • Adress: P-17 C Hagkol, Valencia City
  • Versatile Lodge
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 9261790745
    • Adress: P-13 hagkol, Valencia City
  • H24 Traveller`s Pod
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 88-828-5069
    • Adress: P-9 Juanilla Village, Valencia City
  • Carmont Inn
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 9268900915
    • Adress: P-12 Poblacion, Valencia City/Extension Sunkiss Village
  • Losanhil Lodge
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 88-222-2607
    • Adress: P-14,Poblacion, Valencia City
  • Aiyah`s Travellers Inn
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 91771210467
    • Adress: P-7,Poblacion, Valencia City
  • Ciana Marie
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 9177250875
    • Adress: P-7,Poblacion, Valencia City
  • JP Lodge
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 9161272940
    • Adress: P-7,Poblacion, Valencia City
  • Unicorn Lodge
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 9069200277
    • Adress: P-4,Poblacion, Valencia City
  • Nest Inn
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 9354240529
    • Adress: Sayre Highway, Poblacion, Valencia City
  • Homestead Inn
    • Contact Numbers (+63)88 828-2081
    • Adress: P-3, Sayre Highway, Poblacion, Valencia City
  • Gene`s Lodge
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 91770335711
    • Adress: P-3, Sayre Highway, Poblacion, Valencia City
  • Imee`s Lodge
    • Contact Numbers (+63)88 828-0472
    • Adress: P-19,Lapu-lapu St. Poblacion, Valencia City
  • Dotz Lodging House
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 9354238907
    • Adress: P-16,Aguilar St. Poblacion, Valencia City
  • Filbritz Small World Travellers Inn
    • Contact Numbers (+63)88 828-3656/09278535779
    • Adress: P-19,Lapu-lapu St. Poblacion, Valencia City
  • Time Inn
    • Contact Numbers (+63)88 828-5095
    • Adress: P-9,Pepito St., Poblacion, Valencia City
  • Juanito`s lodge
    • Contact Numbers (+63)88 222-2018
    • Adress: Mabion St., Poblacion, Valencia City
  • JM Budgetel Inn
    • Contact Numbers (+63) 91099727388
    • Adress: Mt. Maninggal At., Poblacion, Valencia City
  • AG Hostel
    • Contact Numbers (+63)88 828-5200
    • Adress: Lower Lumbo, Valencia City
  • Dream Haven Bread & Breakfast
    • Contact Numbers (+63)88 828-4019
    • Adress: P-4 mt. Kitanglad St., Poblacion, Valencia City
  • Dream Haven Bread & Breakfast
    • Contact Numbers (+63)88 828-4019
    • Adress: P-4 mt. Kitanglad St., Poblacion, Valencia City
  • Jocel`s Garden Suits
    • Contact Numbers (+63)88 828-3676/09177192243
    • Adress: P-2, Sayre Highway, Valencia City
    • 3G Pension House
      • Contact Numbers (+63) 9358868963
      • Adress: P-5, Bliss Bagontaas, Valencia City
    • Roger`s Pension House
      • Adress: P-11, Poblacion, Valencia City
    • South Land Pension House
      • Contact Numbers (+63)88 828-5308
      • Adress: P-11, Lapu-lapu St., Poblacion, Valencia City
    • G&H Pension House
      • Contact Numbers (+63) 88-828-1292
      • Adress: P-7, M.Fortich St., Poblacion, Valencia City
    • Joy`s Pension House
      • Contact Numbers (+63)88 828-5214
      • Adress: TH Azurin,Poblacion, Valencia City
    • Palmiera Pension House
      • Contact Numbers (+63) 9354238907
      • Adress: Corner Magsaysay St., Poblacion, Valencia City


      • Taipan Restaurant
      • NVM Fastfood
      • The Road House Café
      • TS Garden
      • ARL Resto and Jazz Bar (former Mindy’s Valencia)
      • El Comedor
      • Roy’s Bistro
      • Inday's Kamalig
      • Chardy's Grill
      • Jollibee 1 & 2
      • Chowking
      • Greenwich
      • Mc Donalds

Tourist Spots

      • Pulangi River – Ideal for fishing and boating, Pulangi River is on its way to regain its glory as the Save the Pulangi River program takes effect.
      • Mountain View College – Natural springs, falls, scenic landscape and great climate are just some of the things that describe this institution.
      • Salawao Cave – An adventure for the spelunkers, Salawao Cave features an impressive calcite formation and a cave pool that is part of a bigger cave stream. Large crickets of approximately 10cm in length and bats can be seen in the cave.
      • Kasanayan Cave – A huge beautiful cave in Valencia showcasing amazing stalactites of about 400 meters deep from the opening and an indoor river.
      • Lake Apo – Calm and serene, the lake is surrounded by hills and mountains lined by abundant plant life. Lake Apo has been hailed as a clean and green inland body of water in Northern Mindanao. It was also awarded as the Cleanest Lake in Region 10 during the late 90s
      • Malingon Falls – one of the landmarks located at Mountain View College, Barangay Mt. Nebo, City of Valencia, Bukidnon.
      • Sagumata Falls – Discover and experience the breath-taking scenery and time to bond with nature.


      • Valencia Cathedral
      • Baptist
      • Seventh Day Adventist
      • Iglesia ni Cristo
      • Iglesia sa Dios
      • Jehovah's Witness


      • Bank of the Philippine Island
      • Land Bank of the Philippines
      • Philippine National Bank
      • Banco de Oro
      • RCBC
      • Development Bank of the Philippines
      • East West Bank
      • Pen Bank
      • Enterprise Bank
      • One Network Bank
      • Bank of Makati
      • DCDB
      • Asian Hills Bank
      • Bukidnon Cooperative Bank
      • Asia United Bank



      • San Agustin Institute of Technology, Valencia City.
      • Valencia Colleges (Bukidnon), Inc.
      • ALEMARZ School of Science and Technology Foundation, Inc.
      • ACLC College Bukidnon
      • Dagat Kidavao Central College
      • IBA College of Mindanao, Inc
      • Mountain View College
      • Philippine College Foundation
      • Systems Technology Institute (STI) – Valencia

Primary and secondary schools

      • ALEMARZ School of Science and Technology Foundation, Inc.
      • Bukidnon Faith Christian School, Inc.
      • Bagonta-as Adventist Elementary School, Inc. (BAES)
      • CFC-Valencia City School of the Morning Star
      • Central Bukidnon Institute
      • EMEU Gequillana Memorial Academy, Inc.
      • First Fruits Christian Academy
      • Infant Jesus School of Bukidnon, Inc.
      • Little Lamb Learning Center
      • Mountain View College Academy
      • Mountain View College Faith Elementary School
      • San Agustin Institute of Technology
      • Valencia Baptist Christian Academy
      • Valencia Central Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School
      • Valencia City Central School

Malls/Department Stores

      • NVM Mall
      • Gaisano
      • Roy Plaza
      • Metro Gold


      • Robinsons Supermarket
      • Public Central Market
      • Farmer’s Market