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City Government of Valencia Culminates Civil Service Month Celebration

On September 30, 2015 the City Government of Valencia culminates the month-long Civil Service Month Celebration with glam as employees strut the red carpet in their formal attire during the LGU Awards Night at the City Gymnasium.

The LGU Awards Night has an Oscar’s theme and the city gymnasium was transformed into a theater, party-like atmosphere. The female employees looked fabulous in their elegant evening gowns while the men looked dashing in their crisp tuxedos and coat and tie.

During the program, the Human Resource and Management Office through Ms. Monaliza L. Sebastian, Acting HRMO together with the Search and Selection Committee, facilitated the awarding ceremony for the Top 10 Outstanding Employees, Outstanding Department Head, Outstanding Department and the longest-serving Elected Officials of the City took place, to wit:

Top 10 Outstanding Employees of 2015

1st Level Employees

  1. Efren G. Carrera - City Mayor’s Office
  2. Lolita C. Lingayon - City Health Office
  3. Jennevil V. Pantanosas - City Civil Registrar’s Office
  4. Nieveyl C. Naman - City Agriculture Office
  5. Editha D. Naldo - City Social Welfare and Development Office

2nd Level Employees

  1. Clementino G. Esto Jr. - City Agriculture Office
  2. Rufino S. Sagosoy - City Assessor’s Office
  3. Julieta O. Quijote - City Planning and Development Office
  4. Stephen John S. Noveno - City Engineer’s Office
  5. Maurecio D. Genaro - City Budget Office

Outstanding Department Head of 2015 - Samuel A. Medidas, DVM- City Veterinarian

Outstanding Department of 2015 - Sangguniang Panlungsod Office

Top 5 Longest-serving Elected Officials

  1. Hon. Eduardo D. Chan
  2. Hon. Glenn P. Peduche
  3. Hon. Oliver Owen L. Garcia
  4. Hon. Helen T. Bernal
  5. Hon. Rolando P. Laviña

Meanwhile, plaques were also given to the semi-finalists in each category:

Semi-finalists for Top 10 Outstanding Employees of 2015

  1. Marissa A. Lazanas - Sangguniang Panlungsod Office
  2. Joyce G. Malicay - City Planning and Development Office
  3. Marry Rose S. Macote - City Budget Office
  4. Samuel L. Lomongo - Human Resource and Management Office
  5. Celestino E. Kibos - City Veterinary Office
  6. Ethel Mae b. Unabia - Sangguniang Panlungsod Office
  7. Marylou B. Tobias - City Treasurer’s Office
  8. Mario D. Bravo - City Economic Enterprise- Market
  9. Rex A. Doongan - City Environment and Natural Resources Office
  10. Larceny D. Bacolod - City Accounting Office

Semi-finalists for the Outstanding Department Head of 2015

  1. Diosdado B. Palma, CPA - City Accountant
  2. Jinny Q. Tiu, CPA, RN - City Budget Officer
  3. Julius M. Parian - City Environment and Natural Resources Officer
  4. Engr. Alfredo V. Guzman - City Engineer

Semi-finalists for Outstanding Department of 2015

  1. City Accounting Office
  2. City Agriculture Office
  3. City Budget Office
  4. City Veterinary Office

Special Awards were also given to employees, department heads and departments with highest number of attendance:

Rank and file:

  1. Debbie V. Convocar - City Health Office
  2. Jovey G. Antolihao - City Accounting Office
  3. Lourace Grace S. Galiposo - City Accounting Office
  4. Annie Beth C. Laboratorio - City Treasurer’s Office
  5. Damie E. Atay - City Engineer’s Office
  6. Norbilla G. Cabañez - City Economic Enterprise- Market
  7. Cassan M. Managsa - City Economic Enterprise- Market
  8. Rosemary B. Rebucan - Sangguniang Panlungsod Office

Department Head:

  1. Jinny Q. Tiu, CPA, RN - City Budget Officer
  2. Teresita B. Dicen - City Civil Registrar


  1. City Budget Office
  2. City Civil Registrar’s Office
  3. City Planning and Development Office

Special awards for Spontaneous Recital of Panunumpa ng Lingkod bayan sa Bagong Milenyo were also awarded to:

  1. Roque O. Delfin Sr. - City Economic Enterprise Office- Market
  2. Lanie N. Macabaya - City General Services Office

The City Mayor, Hon. Azucena P. Huervas, during her message emphasized the importance of every employee’s role in the delivery of the basic services of the city government and she thanked all the public servants in rendering their efforts and sacrifices for the people of Valencia. For the Local Chief Executive, every employee is a hero in their own right and they deserved to be praised for hard work.

She then led the wine toast wishing peace and goodwill to all employees and stating this year’s theme, “Kayang-kaya Mo, Lingkod Bayani.” Confetti and music filled the hall as employees celebrated the night with pride and honor as being hailed as public servants.