Nutrition in Emergencies Training for Valencia City Cluster Piloted

The City Government of Valencia through the City Nutrition Office together with the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council and the National Nutrition Council X conducted Training on Nutrition in Emergencies for Valencia City Nutrition Cluster on September 15-17, 2015 at Taipan Restaurant Valencia City, Bukidnon.

The 3-day training was attended by the members of the City Nutrition Committee and the Technical Working Group, Barangay Nutrition Scholars, partner agencies and stakeholders in Valencia City. The intensive 3-day training is designed to help equip participants with knowledge, attitude and expertise needed to acquire in supporting nutrition responses especially during emergencies. Ms. Marissa DM Navales, Nutrition Program Coordinator of National Nutrition Council X graced the occasion together with Ms. Shiella Rose Cunada, Nutrition Officer II of NNC X and Mr. Selahuddin Hashim, Executive Director of Health Organization of Mindanao.

During the first day, the overview of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management System was discussed, the common terms, characteristics and stages of emergencies. Also discussed are the emergency management system, cluster approach by Mr. Jovenone Ellacone of the City Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Office, and introduction to nutrition in emergencies and the causes of malnutrition during emergencies. Ms. Marissa DM Navales, NPC of NNC X discussed the nutrition interventions during emergencies, while Ms. Shiella Rose Cunada discussed malnutrition methods of nutritional assessment and the methods of Nutrtional assessment and the Infant and Young Child feeding in emergencies.

During Day 2, Nutritional assessment and micronutrient supplementation during emergencies was discussed, including the methods of nutritional assessment, common micronutrient malnutrition problems and supplementation during emergency situations, management of acute malnutrition with the lecturer Mr. Selahuddin Hashim. Ms. Marissa DM Navales then discussed supplementary feeding program.

On the third day, the first 1000 days initiative was presented by Mr. Hashim including the planning for nutrition in emergency management. Also during that day, the participants were asked for their inputs and plan presentation.

The Chairperson of the City Nutrition Committee, City Mayor Hon. Azucena P. Huervas during her message, emphasized the important roles each participant plays in carrying out nutrition programs and processes during emergencies and she added, “Let us continue to make Valencia City a winner in nutrition.”