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Ochotorena of Tongan-tongan, Valencia City to Represent Region 10 in the National Search for Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar

The City Government of Valencia together with the City Nutrition Committee headed by City Mayor Hon. Azucena P. Huervas welcomed the National Evaluation Team of National Nutrition Council led by Department of Health Assistant Secretary Maria Bernardita T. Flores, CESO II and the Director IV of National Nutrition Council during their two-day evaluation on September 7-8, 2015 for the Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar Regional winner, Ms. Vivian T. Ochotorena, Barangay Nutrition Scholar of Brgy. Tongan-tongan.

During the opening program, Ms. Hazel P. Dondonayos, RND, MGA, ND III, City Nutrition Action Officer presented the participants during the two-day evaluation and the attendees are the members of the City Nutrition Committee chaired by the City Mayor, Hon. Azucena P. Huervas, Co-chaired by Hon. Policarpo P. Murillo IV M.D. Also on full support during the evaluation is the Barangay Government of Brgy. Tongan-tongan headed by Hon. Federico N. Palangue. During his welcome address, he extended his heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the National Evaluation Team and encouraged the other Barangay Nutrition Scholars to strive hard and follow the steps of Vivian T. Ochotorena.

Ms. Marissa DM Navales, Nutrition Project Coordinator of National Nutrition Council X presented the National Evaluation Team while Ms. Ellen Ruth F. Abella of the National Evaluation Team gave the overview of national evaluation for Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar. Among the 16 regions, only 50 Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholars were selected and will be screened and only one will be hailed as the National Awardee. Ms. Abella also explained the Evaluation Process and illustrated the role of Barangay Nutrition Scholars in the implementation of nutrition programs. According to Ms. Abella, the Outstanding NBS shall be evaluated according to four categories:

1. Efficiency- this measures the efficiency of the BNS, her plan, accomplishment, records and documentation; 2. Effectivity- this evaluates on how she has helped their community in improving the nutritional status of the residents in their barangay; 3. Interview- basically the information from Barangay Nutrition Council, her co-BNS, her life as a BNS in their locality and her role as a BNS; and 4. Written Exam- to gauge her competence as a BNS.

The City Nutrition Committee Chairperson, City Mayor Hon. Azucena P. Huervas during her message, expressed her gratitude to the National Evaluation Team, the Brgy. Captain, Council and functionaries of Brgy. Tongan-tongan, the City Nutrition Committee and Ms. Vivian T. Ochotorena for putting Valencia City in the limelight. She gave her full support and commitment to the nutrition program of the city and wished good luck to Ms. Ochotorena in her endeavor. “By being hailed as the Outstanding BNS in the region, her exemplary performance in improving the nutrition situation in her community made Valencia City a winner in Nutrition,” she added.

The Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS) is a barangay-based nutrition volunteer tasked to care for the malnourished of the barangay, mobilize the community to improve its nutrition situation and link services to the vulnerable groups of the community. The BNS is also a member of the Barangay Nutrition Committee and the Community Health Team.