CDRRMC Conducted Earthquake Drill


In line with the National Disaster Consciousness Month 2015 Celebration, the City Government of Valencia through the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council conducted Earthquake Drill for all employees of the City Government of Valencia on July 8-9, 2015 at the City Hall Covered Court, Valencia City.

Employees from the City Hall Compound were oriented so as to be prepared should there be an earthquake during working hours. Mr. Henry Floy Francisco, Provincial Coordinator of the Office of Civil Defense Region X discussed the Phases of Earthquake Drill.


Phase 1. Alarm:

A pre-arranged signal such as siren/bell should be known to all. During the drill, the siren/bell indicates earthquake/shaking. Employees will be alerted by this signal.

Phase 2. Response:

While the siren/bell is ongoing, everyone should move away from windows, glass or light fixtures. In this phase, everyone should perform “duck, cover and hold” under desks, tables or chairs. Remain in this position until the “shaking” stops.

Phase 3. Evacuation:

Once the “shaking” stops, employees should evacuate the office building and proceed using pre-determined routes to go to identified evacuation areas.

Phase 4. Assembly:

At the designated evacuation area, employees must be grouped together according to the office where they belong.

Phase 5. Head count:

Office heads should check and make sure all employees are accounted for.

Phase 6. Evaluation:

An evaluation of the drill must be conducted to identify problems encountered during the drill and how this can be corrected in future earthquake drills.

Further, Mr. Arthur Ranque, TRO II, LTO Chief of Valencia City discussed the Traffic Management during Disasters and Mr. Alejandro L. Larosa, Executive Officer of CDRRMC Valencia City emphasized that cooperation is important, and the drill was conducted in preparation for the Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill on July 22, 2015