Procurement Services
Sub-Depot Bukidnon in Valencia City

Strategically located in the New Integrated Bus Terminal Complex, Sayre Highway, Valencia City, Bukidnon, the DBM PS Sub-Depot is widely accessible to government agencies, Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations, National Government Agencies, and Local Government Units in the whole Province of Bukidnon, including Wao, Lanao Del Norte Area. Procurement Services Sub-Depot Bukidnon is under the Office of the President, Department of Budget and Management and is manned and operated by the City Government of Valencia under the City Budget Office through the City Budget Officer Mr. Jinny Q. Tiu, CPA, RN with Ms. Fe M. Mutia, RND, MPSM, as the Operations Manager.

For the legal basis, LOI 755 of October 18, 1978: Created the Procurement Service (PS) and provided the mandate for an integrated procurement system for the National Government and its Instrumentalities. E.O 285 of July 25, 1987: Reiterated the mandate of LOI 755 by abolishing the General Services Administration, and transferring the procurement and price monitoring functions of the Supply Coordination Office to the Procurement Service.

It is the vision of the Procurement Service to be the central procuring agency for the National Government and extend its services down to the Regions and provinces with the establishment of depots and sub-depots in various regions and provinces in the Philippines.

The Procurement Service aims to provide excellent customer service to attain optimum customer satisfaction by ensuring efficient, responsive, economical, prudent, caring, steadfast and professional service to clients and other stakeholders. PS ensures quality products at least cost.

Procedures on how to request supplies from Procurement Service: The costumer prepares its Agency Procurement Request (APR) indicating the items and quantities being requisitioned. The Servicing Division receives the APR, checks stocks availability, verifies the correctness of prices and prepares order of payment. The Finance Division receives from client agency payment for items requisitioned. After payment is made, the ASD prepares Authority to Deliver/Delivery Receipt (AD/DR). The Finance Division Signs the AD/DR to certify funds availability. The Operations Manager approves the issuance of stocks to requisitioning agency by signing the AD/DR. The Warehousing Division prepares the item for pick-up.

PS Sub-Depot is available Monday-Friday from 8:00AM-5:00PM.