Valencia City on its 2nd Year Maintenance for the National Level CROWN Award

(IN PHOTO: L-R) Ms. Hygeia Ceres Catalina B.Gawe, Team Leader, City Councilor Atty. Policarpo P. Murillo IV, CNC Co-chair, Ms. Ana Lorraine Dela Vega of UPLB, City Vice Mayor Hon. Rolando P. Laviña, City Mayor Hon.Azucena P. Huervas, Ms. Divorah Aguila of FNRI, Mr. Froilan Flores of CWC and Mr. Teddy Pelaez, the team d0cumentor

The City Nutrition Committee chaired by the City Mayor Hon. Azucena P. Huervas was evaluated by the National Nutrition Team last June 15, 2015 to June 17, 2015 for its 2nd year maintenance for the National Level -Consistent Regional Outstanding Winner in Nutrition (CROWN) Evaluation.

During the program upon the evaluators’ arrival, Ms. Hazel P. Dondonayos, RND, the City Nutrition Action Officer presented the 7 Impact Programs of the City Nutrition Committee and the National Nutrition Team provided the Overview of the National Nutrition Evaluation. After the short program at the City Hall Covered Court, the Desk Review of the City Nutrition Action Plan was conducted at Jocel’s Garden Suites.

The 5 Barangays which were selected by the evaluators through drawing of lots are as follows: Brgy. Pinatilan was picked as the showcase barangay, while Brgy. Sinayawan, Brgy. Sugod, Brgy. Nabag-o, and Brgy. Bagontaas were evaluated for their barangay nutrition plans and programs.

For the criteria of the evaluation, 70% of the score is taken out from the City Score for the program efficiency and program effectiveness, 25% for the Barangay Scores and 5% for the interview. The tool used is MELLPI (Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation) Tool. The activities conducted by the evaluators are desk review, interview with CNC and BNC members, barangay validation weighing and project site visits.

The city is also evaluated through its organizational structure and the evaluators assessed that there is a strong support of the city government and CNC chaired by Hon. City Mayor Azucena P. Huervas, Vice Mayor Hon. Rolando P. Laviña and the CNC Co-chair Dr. Policarpo P. Murillo IV. The evaluators also noted that there is a solid policy formulation, planning, program implementation, monitoring and assessment of the programs.