Valencia City Celebrates Heart Month 2018

The City Government of Valencia through the City Health Office celebrated Heart Month with the theme, “Mahalin ang Pusong Nagmamahal, Mag Healthy Lifestyle Na!” throughout the whole month of February.

As part of the celebration, the City Health Office conducted a medical check-up to the employees of the City Government in all Mondays of February. This is also in addition to the regular programs of the Non-Communicable Disease Division under Lifestyle-Related Diseases.

A record of 302 employees, 93 are hypertensive, 17 have maintenance medicines while the remaining 76 have no maintenance medicines, availed the free service.

Dr. Francis Joan R. Esta, Medical Officer IV and Team Leader of the activity said that in the Philippines, according to DOH, cardiovascular diseases have the highest attribution to deaths related to Non-Communicable Diseases.

Dr. Esta recommended to rule out correctable and secondary cases and encourage lifestyle changes for Essential Hypertension.

“Alagaan at mahalin ang pusong nagmamahal,” he reminded the employees. In addition, he gave some very important tips on how to gain a healthy lifestyle. “No smoking, lose weight if overweight, limit sodium intake, keep a healthy diet, engage in exercise and limit alcohol intake,” Dr. Esta said.

City Health Officer Dr. Marlyn V. Agbayani reminded all Valencianos to love their hearts and practice a healthy lifestyle and maintain a balanced diet.

“We should be reminded that we only have one heart, so we should take care of it by practicing a healthy lifestyle and keeping a healthy diet so we can enjoy our lives to the fullest,” Dr. Agbayani said.

The City Health Office has Hypertension and Diabetes Club.  The members can access DOH drugs for hypertension (Losartan/Amlodipine/Metoprolol) and diabetes (Metformin) and can also benefit from the activities promoting healthy lifestyle catered by the office. To be a member, the client needs to undergo assessment, screening, and management using the Philippine Package of Essential NCD Intervention (PhilPEN) protocol.