City Health Office Observes Schistosomiasis Awareness Month

In line with the observation of Schistosomiasis Awareness Month every July, the City Health Office conducted Schistosomiasis Orientation with the theme “Ang Schisto ay Iwasan, MakiisasaTaunangGamutan,” on July 5, 2017 at Jocel’s Garden Venue,Poblacion, Valencia City.

The activity was attended by doctors, nurses, midwives and personnel of the City Health Office.

Dr. Juniver G. Flores, MPH, EMT, Medical Officer IV of the Epidemiology Surveillance and Research Division gave his welcome remarks and emphasized the importance of knowing the signs and symptoms including the prevention and control of schistosomiasis.

Ms. Gloria P. Sitoy, HEPO III introduced the speaker for the Lecture on Schistosomiasis, the Development Management Officer V of Provincial Health Office, Vincent C. Raguro, MD, MPH.

Dr. Raguro discussed the Background, History Review, Clinical Epidemiology, Life Cycle of Schistosoma, Clinical Manifestation, Pathology and Prevention and Control.

Dr. Raguroemphasized that in addressing the chronic disease caused by blood flukes, CHO employees as health workers, each one has a big role in ensuring community participation and sustainable support by establishing good understanding and relationship with community leaders.

“May Forever saschisto,”Dr. Raguro added explaining that the male and female liver blood fluke parasites are inseparable and they reproduce eggs every after two hours thereby producing millions of eggs in a lifetime.

Meanwhile, Mr. Abe P. Gillaco, MPA, CGDH-HRMO, who spoke in behalf of the City Mayor Hon. Azucena P. Huervas thanked the participants for attending the said activity as this is beneficial to address the problem of schistosomiasis in the 17 barangays of the city.

The City Health Office continues to remind everyone that snail infection rate can be diminished through: proper waste disposal, provision of safe source of water, control of stray animals, use of foot bridges over snail infested streams, and use of boots to avoid direct contact of Schisto. Cercaria-infested water.

Treatment for Schistosomiasis is scheduled every Tuesday at the City Health Office.

Ethel Joy I. Montebon, MPA – AO V, City Health Office