Valencia City Health Office Conducts Food Handlers Seminar to Street Vendors

To reduce the morbidity and mortality cases of environment-related diseases and to improve the awareness and consciousness of food handlers and food operators, the City Health Office through the Environmental and Occupational Health Services Division in partnership with the City Administrator’s Office conducted Food Handler’s Seminar to all street vendors in the city on April 25-27, 2017 at the City Health Office, Hagkol, Poblacion, Valencia City.

The three-day seminar was divided into three batches which was participated by 233 ambulant vendors.

The participants were immersed with environmental health services, DOH programs, including the following environmental sanitation services:

  1. Water Supply
  2. Excreta Disposa
  3. Food Sanitation
  4. Solid and Liquid Waste
  5. Drainage
  6. Vermin Control
  7. Public Places Sanitation
  8. Occupational Health/Industrial Hygiene/Pollution
  9. Beautification
  10. Implementing Rules and Regulations of PD 856- Sanitation Code of the Philippines

Also discussed during the seminar were the importance of water, diseases related to water, water-borne diseases, water-washed diseases, and water-vector diseases.

RA 9003 or the Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 was also re-emphasized, for liquid and solid waste management plays an important role in several diseases related to improper disposal of wastes.

Also highlighted during the seminar were the food-borne illnesses including the essentials of food hygiene:

  1. Food Sources
  2. Food Transport
  3. Food Storage
  4. Food Preparation
  5. Utensils and Equipment
  6. Food Serving
  7. Sanitary Permit

Ms. Villa V. Rizon, Sanitary Inspector IV, said that the participants complied with the necessary requirements in acquiring health cards and sanitary permits.

“We also emphasized the need for food handlers to maintain proper physical hygiene and maintain the cleanliness of their areas,” Ms. Villa added.

Acquisition of a Health Certificate is pursuant to the provision of the Sanitation Code of the Philippinesand City Ordinance No. 31, s. 2003.

EJ Montebon, AO V - City Health Office