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Valencia City Strengthens Campaign to Prevent Rabies

The City Government of Valencia, through the City Veterinary Office, strengthenedits campaign on the prevention and control of rabies in the city.

During the observance of this year’s Rabies Awareness Month, the city government has intensified its efforts to inform and educate the public through distribution of leaflets and posting of posters at strategic areas with contents about the danger and harmful effects of the disease.

A symposium was also initiated at Bagontaas Adventist Elementary School and Batangan Central Elementary School on March 13, 2017 to help encourage children and their parents become a responsible pet owner.

Dr. Samuel A. Medidas, City Veterinarian, even had a radio guesting at DXMV-RadyoUkay and DXRC Radio Comando to help spread awareness and tackle the RA 9482 or “The Rabies Act of 2007”which provides the control and elimination of human and animal rabies.

Rabies is a human infection that occurs after a transdermal bite or scratch by an infected animal, like dogs and cats. It can be transmitted when infectious material, usually saliva, comes into direct contact with a victim’s fresh skin lesions. Rabies may also occur, though in very rare cases, through inhalation of virus-containing spray or through organ transplants.

A Rabies is considered to be a neglected disease, which is 100% fatal though 100% preventable. It is not among the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in the country but it is regarded as a significant public health problem because (1) it is one of the most acutely fatal infection and (2) it is responsible for the death of 200-300 Filipinos annually.

Moreover, the Department of Health also recommended the vaccination of domesticated animals to prevent them from becoming infected and transmitting rabies to humans.

At any rate, the City Veterinary Office welcomes any client to have their dogs vaccinated anytime during office hours.

(Jade O. Palasol, AA III – PIO and Danilo J. Torres-CVO)