Valencia City Holds 2nd Business Summit and Trade Fair 2016

To recognize and highlight the contribution of the business sector in the city, the City Government of Valencia together with the Department of Trade and Industry, Valencia City Negosyo Center, and the Valencia City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association, Inc. conducted the 2nd Business Summit on November 10, 2016.

The summit was participated by the different stakeholders and businessmen in the city where they also gained information on the Business and Economic Profile as well as the Streamlining of Business Registration Process of the city.

Valencia City Mayor Hon. Azucena P. Huervas officially opened the 2nd Business Summit where she highlighted the goals of the city on achieving good relationship and partnership among businessmen and the stakeholders.

“We need to acknowledge the importance of the business sector as they play a vital role on building and making our city progressive,” Huervas said.

Moreover, the summit also serves as an avenue to discuss matters on strengthening the policies such as the City Revenue and Investment Code.

On the other hand, a trade fair was also showcased where several local made products from the different barangays of the city were displayed at the Plaza Rizal this city. The said fair was conducted from November 11 to 17, 2016 were different live shows were presented every night by the youth sector.

The celebration of the 2nd Business Summit and Trade Fair 2016 marked the extensive efforts of the city government to achieve its vision of becoming a business friendly city.

By Aron A. Rempohito