LGU-Valencia Excels in Transparency and Accountability in Service

City Mayor Hon. Azucena P. Huervas, through the Office of City Administrator Atty. Genaro C. Cadigal Jr. commended all City Government’s Public Officials, Department Heads and Rank-and-file employees for excelling in transparency and accountability in government service by scoring 100% in No Lunch Break and No Hidden Costs policy in the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA) evaluation conducted by Civil Service Commission Region-X on July 19-21 this year.

“Although we did not get 100% or an excellent final or overall rating on ARTA evaluation by CSC Region X, the excellent rating of 100% on No Lunch Break and No Hidden Costs is overwhelming and worth celebrating already because it only shows we excel in transparency and accountability in our service to our clients,” commented Atty. Cadigal.

Likewise, ARTA Report Card of CSC Region X showed LGU-Valencia got a final rating of 87.38% described as “GOOD” or above-average on two core areas - Compliance with ARTA provisions (84.60%) and Overall Client Satisfaction (89.82%).

Atty. Cadigal added the commendable result of CSC Region X evaluation for LGU-Valencia’s compliance with ARTA reflects the success of City Mayor Huervas with the support of SP members and Department Heads in gearing up the City Hall towards a corruption free government service in line with the National Government under President Duterte administration’s goal on curbing graft and corruption in the government.

ARTA evaluation from CSC Region X was conducted by Asst. Director Noemi Torres and company who implied the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA) is a vital policy in government service which is observed and implemented to ensure a transparent, accountable and speedy delivery of public service to the people.

By: Andrie Garcia – CadO