2 LGUs Benchmark Valencia City’s Best Practices

The City Government of El Salvador and Gingoog conducted a benchmarking activity in the fast-growing City of Valencia on October 24, 2016.

Together with the city officials of El Salvador, City Mayor Edgar S. Lignes, look into the emerging economic developments of Valencia City and focused on gathering data on infrastructure development efforts, local revenue generation and other relevant programs of Valencia City.

Lignes and his team aimed to gather such information which will be helpful for them to improve the quality of service and governance especially that they envisioned El Salvador to be the Economic Capital of the Western Part of Misamis Oriental.

Valencia City Mayor Azucena P. Huervas together with City Councilors Atty. Oliver Owen L. Garcia and Dr. Policarpo P. Murillo IV welcomed the participants and provided them a presentation of the city’s best practices as well as addressed their queries.

Lignes was thankful for the positive response that they received from the City Government of Valencia and for making their educational benchmarking a success.

The benchmarking concluded with an on-site visit of the infrastructure development of Valencia City, its Local Economic Enterprises, and other places of business interest.

Meanwhile, personnel from Gingoog City Nutrition Office paid visit to the City Government of Valencia and particularly look into the best practices of the city’s effective nutrition program.

The City Nutrition Office headed by City Nutrition Action Officer Ms. Hazel P. Dondonayos, RND was honored to be chosen to be benchmarked by other LGUs as this indicates that the committee is successful in delivering their programs and services to the public. Mr. Elmer S. Risonar, RND Gingoog City Nutrition Action Officer, together with other delegates, appreciated the positive response of the committee and the exchange of pertinent and insightful information that will be applicable to the improvement of their office.

Valencia City is grateful to be of great help to other LGUs in aiming for effective and efficient nutrition programs as it is currently vying for the Nutrition Honor Award.