Valencia City Gears Up for Safe San Agustin Fiesta Celebration

The City Government of Valencia planned to tighten its security to ensure a safe and peaceful celebration of the feast day of Saint Augustine.

During a joint meeting on August 19, 2016, Capt. Alejandro L. Larosa, Executive Officer of CDRRMO, presented to the body the overview of Incident Command System (ICS) including the planning and imposing of security measures.

"The concept of ICS was adopted from the national level thus this was made to ensure the safety of people while celebrating the city's fiesta," Larosa said.

The Valencia City Police, headed by PSupt. Benbo P. Jumalon, pledged to deploy personnel in different areas in the city and establish incident command posts and police assistance centers to easily serve the public.

The Philippine Army as well as the Barangay Tanod of Poblacion and groups of radio communicators will also help assist securing the premises where most of the people go.

The PNP is also expected to enforce security checkpoints in strategic areas in the city.

The City Traffic Management Office on the other hand pledged to do their best to manage and control the traffic situation of the city especially on the day of the festivity.

C/Insp. Romeo L. Miranda, City Fire Marshall, also gave instructions on how to respond in an incident. He said that if an incident happened it is important to know its nature so that authorities can properly respond.

Fr. Diomedes Brigoli, Parish Priest, raised a concern regarding the security of the church goers especially when threat arises. He sighted that carnnaping is rampant in the premises of the church.

The PNP assured that they will secure the area and will conduct an intelligence monitoring. The authorities and the Public Information Office will also help inform the public to be vigilant.

Mayor Azucena P. Huervas set to further discuss the finalization of the plan during the peace and order meeting on August 26.

The city government through the support of the local chief executive assured to have a peaceful and harmonious fiesta celebration on August 27-28.