Valencia City Health Office Encourages Water Providers to Implement Water Safety Plan

The City Government of Valencia through the City Health Office encouraged all water providers in the city to secure a clean and quality distribution of water to its consumers during the 3-day Water Safety Plan (WSP) Orientation on August 16-18, 2016 at Taipan Restaurant, Poblacion, Valencia City.

The City Health Office headed by Dr. Marlyn V. Agbayani collaborated with the Provincial Health Office through Engr. Florissa L. Adviento, Provincial Sanitary Engineer and come up with a seminar that will help water providers to properly implement and strengthen their WSP and improve their knowledge on water quality analysis.

Water Safety Plan ensures the safety of drinking water through the use of a comprehensive risk assessment and risk management approach that encompasses all steps in water supply from catchment to consumer.

The aim of such plan is to have a safe drinking-water and to address the prevalence of water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera and typhoid due to poor water sanitation and hygiene in urban communities.

Ms. Villa V. Rizon, Sanitation Inspector IV of the City Health Office, discussed the importance of WSP and its effectiveness and management procedures.

“We need to strongly implement such plan as this will also minimizes the impact of risks on health and for us to have a sustainable future,” Rizon added.

Engr. Florissa L. Adviento, Provincial Health Office’s Environmental and Occupational Health Service Officer, also stated during the seminar that the WSP will also help promote conservation and proper distribution of water.

She also added that protecting our watersheds and sources of water is important.

The seminar was attended by Barangay Captains, Local Water Suppliers and Owners of Water Refilling Stations.

The City Government through the support of Mayor Azucena P. Huervas pledged to continue ensuring the safety of water supplied by water providers to the public.