Valencia City Observes Dengue Awareness Month

In line with this month’s celebration of the Dengue Awareness Month, the City Government of Valencia through the City Health Office will spearhead this year’s campaign against dengue, Aksyon Barangay Kontra Dengue (ABKD) with the theme, “Sama-sama nating Puksain ang Dengue” to stir up community involvement and intensify awareness against dengue outbreak.

Valencia City Health Office together with the Regional Health Office of DOH-X will conduct a Synchronized Larval Survey (Search and Destroy Operation of Mosquito-borne Disease Breeding Sites) in all barangays on June 21, 2016.

A motorcade around the city proper will jumpstart the activity at 7:00AM starting from the oval grounds and will be participated by all barangay governments, NGOs, private sectors, DepEd and local stakeholders.

Ms. Gloria P. Sitoy, Health, Education and Promotion Officer of City Health Valencia invites all constituents to participate the activity as this could greatly help promote dengue awareness.

“We are reiterating the four S habit for all of us to do every day: Search and destroy mosquito breeding sites, Self-protection by wearing long-sleeved shirts, Seek early advise/consultation at the nearest health center, and Say YES to fogging only when there is an imminent outbreak,” Sitoy said.

Meanwhile, City Health Officer Marlyn V. Agbayani, MD continues to remind the constituents of Valencia that dengue control can be addressed effectively with the involvement of the community.

“Every year, more Filipinos are getting infected with dengue virus and combating dengue requires cooperation of the barangay councils and we need to do our part in fighting this risk,” Dr. Agbayani said.

ABKD seeks to enforce the government’s drive against dengue by inviting community involvement through clean-up up drives and public awareness.

School officials are urged to partake in search and destroy activities at the school premises while stakeholders, owners and managers of business establishments and malls, are also strongly encouraged to initiate and sustain their own clean-up activities in their respective areas.

“Every day, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, everyone is enjoined to participate in searching and destroying breeding sites, like covering all water containers, regularly changing water in flower vases, cleaning and de-clogging of roof gutters, and filling up with soil all stagnant water surfaces in vacant lots or used tires in roofs and vulcanizing shops,” Sitoy said.

ABKD (Aksyon Barangay Kontra Dengue) is an anti-dengue advocacy campaign to support DOH’s objective to reduce the cases of dengue in the country.