Valencia City Holds Workshop on 3-Year City Nutrition Action Plan

The City Government of Valencia successfully held a 2-day workshop on 3-year City Nutrition Action Plan (CNAP) preparation on May 11-12, 2016 at Jocel's Garden.

The objective of the workshop is to assess the local nutrition situation of the city and identify the problems that relate the situation using appropriate tools such as the problem tree or bottleneck analysis and among others.

It also aims to identify goals, targets and interventions as well as support activities that can be implemented to address the identified nutritional and related problems. Further, it aims to plan and adopt a monitoring and evaluation system for the local nutrition program.

Attended by the members of the City Nutrition Committee, the planning activity came up with a draft output of three-year CNAP with components on situational analysis, outcome objectives, output objectives, and monitoring and evaluation plan.

A re-entry plan that will detail activities was also made to finalize the CNAP and ensure the integration in the City Comprehensive Development Plan.

Ms. Marissa DM Navales, Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator, and Mr. Jesus D. Dumangon, Municipal Nutrition Action Officer of Kadingilan Bukidnon, were also present in the event and served as the resource speakers.

The members of the City Nutrition Committee were thankful to the speakers for the contribution they lend for the improvement of the city nutrition plan.

Mr. Abe P. Gillaco, MPA, Valencia City Human Resource Management Officer, who represented the City Mayor Hon. Azucena P. Huervas, the Chairman of the City Nutrition Committee, in his closing message, highlighted that it is important for an employee to attend workshops and trainings for them to gain new knowledge.

Mr. Gillaco also emphasized the importance of Local Nutrition Action Planning and the involvement of different departments/agencies especially in the plan implementation.

"All other programs (Infrastructure) will be useless without putting Health and Nutrition Programs in priority," Gillaco said adding that the city will always do their best to serve the people.