Valencia City Conducts Workshop on Nutrition in Emergencies Plan Preparation for CY 2016-207

The Nutrition Emergency Cluster of Valencia City has convened on May 3, 2016 to discuss the preparation for the Nutrition in Emergencies (NiC) plan of the city for CY 2016-2017.

A planning workshop was conducted to cater the suggestions of the members of the cluster and consolidate it for the finalization of the NiC plan.

Ms. Hazel B. Dondonayos, City Nutrition Action Officer discussed the background and importance of the plan which ensures the nutritional status of the effected populace during and after a disaster.

Nutrition in Emergencies refer to the essential nutrition services that are components of emergency preparedness, response, and recovery phases aimed at preventing death and worsening of malnutrition in the affected population, particularly in the most nutritionally vulnerable groups.

"We are prone to disasters and we are happy that we have this kind of plan which involves in the management of disaster," said Dondonayos.

Ms. Dondonayos stated that the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council funded the Nutrition in Emergencies for the City Nutrition Cluster with an amount of 2 million pesos.

The fund will be used for the acquirement and implementation of capability building and development training, feeding program, IEC material reproduction, micronutrient supplementation, purchase of foldable tent for breastfeeding, and office supplies.

The whole day planning of activity focused on the construction of ideas for the awareness campaign of the plan, assessment of evaluation centers for setting up breast feeding areas, inventory of available supplies and identification of supplies to be purchased and replenished.