Valencia City Celebrates Philippine Veterans Week

To promote, preserve and memorialize the principles, ideals, and heroic deeds of our Filipino War Veterans, the City Government of Valencia holds a special flag ceremony on April 17, 2016 in celebration of the Philippine Veterans Week with the theme, "Isabuhay ang Kagitingan, Kapayapaan ay Pagkaisahan, Kamtin ang mithing Kaunlaran."

During the short program, the veterans were honored and acknowledged by the Local Chief Executive Hon. Azucena P. Huervas, and they were awarded with Certificates of Recognition.

In her message, Mayor Huervas said that the celebration is a commemoration of the contributions of the veterans in gaining our freedom.

"We have important roles in sharing to the younger generations on how our veterans played such significant roles in achieving our liberty," Mayor Huervas said.

Veteran Angel S. De Vera, in his response in behalf of the surviving veterans together with the Sons and Daughters of the veterans said, "We are very grateful to the City Government of Valencia especially to the City Mayor Hon. Azucena P. Huervas for acknowledging our contributions in fighting for our freedom. The certificates of recognition we receive will serve as a treasured memento which we will share to our children and our children’s children."

The following surviving veterans were recognized:

  • Vet. Calixto A. Tejedal – Post I Commander
  • Vet. Roque C. Garcia – Post II Commander
  • Vet. Angel S. de Vera
  • Vet. Modesto D. Bangis
  • Vet. Pedro B. Guiwanon

The Officers of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines/Sons and Daughters Association Inc. and the living spouses were also acknowledged:

  • Lydia D. Jarloyan – President
  • Marciano Labitad – Vice President
  • Josephine Tejedal – Secretary
  • Nilda Valde - Treasurer
  • Ana Apostol Rempohito – Treasurer
  • Neriza dela Cerna – Auditor
  • Angelito O. Antonio – Historian
  • Marlow Caesar C. Dawitan – Marshall
  • Irene Tomas – Spouse
  • Josefina Sanchez - Spouse
  • Dina Pamesa – Spouse
  • Noli Pante – Spouse
  • Patricia Naringahon – Spouse
  • Mrs. Esperon – Spouse

The Pledge of Patriotism was then be recited by the employees of the City Government. The veterans and the City Mayor together with the City Councilors and Department Heads shared a “salu-salo’’ after the program.

The City Government of Valencia commemorates Araw ng Kagitingan and Observation of 2016 Philippine Veteran’s Week Pursuant to Executive Order No. 203, s. 1987 and Proclamation No. 466, s. 1989 declaring the period April 5-11 as Philippine Veterans Week.