alencia City Opens Summer Sports Clinic

The City Government of Valencia officially opens its 10-day free summer sports clinic to enhance the skills and promote active participation of the young populace on April 18, 2016.

Rico D. Ocho, City Sports Development Officer III, said the program aims to promote development among children towards sports which is also an active way to spend and enjoy their summer vacation.

The said program is open for children 8- 14 years old who are willing to learn and improve their skills on sports.

Mr. Ocho added that sports play an important role among young children as it will help them instill the values of discipline and hard work.

Mr. Abe P. Gillaco, MPA, City Government Department Head of HRMO, graced the activity and highlighted the importance of the program. He even thanked the parents for their support and for getting their children involved into sports.

He added that the local government through the support of City Mayor Azucena P. Huervas will always conduct such program that will help children improve their sportsmanship and determination.

The sports clinic offers free training of various sports including basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis, table tennis, karatedo, football, badminton, boxing and sepak takraw.

Mr. Wence Apollo I. Casilang, City Sports Coordinator said that this year, the City Sports Office added that sepak takraw event was added this year.

Casilang also disclosed the venues of the events:

  • Karatedo & Badminton - City Gymnasium
  • Lawn Tennis - Tennis Court
  • Table Tennis - Emporium
  • Volleyball Men - City Hall Covered Court
  • Volleyball Women - Plaza
  • Boxing - Valencia City Central School
  • Football - Oval
  • Sepak Takraw - Plaza Skating Rink

The city government’s Summer Sports Clinics is an annual program designed by the City Sports Office to encourage school children to make the best of their summer vacation by learning various sports events.