Valencia City Traffic Management Center Conducts Training on Traffic Management and Values Formation Workshop

Valencia City Legal Office together with the City Mayor's Office and City Traffic Management Center spearheaded a 2-day training and workshop on traffic management and values formation on February 23-24, 2016 at ARL Bukidnon Resto and Bar.

The activity is designed to train all traffic personnel in the city to become effective traffic enforcers and to achieve excellent traffic administration.

More than 60 participants from the City Task Force, KARANCHO, Inc. and City Traffic Management Center attended the event with different guest speakers from the city.

During the training, SPO4 Joaquin A. Mananggit of Valencia City PNP Highway Patrol Group discussed the topics on traffic management and proper grooming.

SP04 Mananggit said that it is important that the enforcers know the basic rules and regulation of traffic.

"The objective of this training is to enhance the knowledge of our traffic personnel for them to effectively control and manage the flow of traffic in the city," SP04 Mananggit said. He also encouraged the traffic personnel to use their authority and to be brave on enforcing the traffic laws and city ordinances.

"Be a good example to others by enforcing and following the traffic policies," SP04 Mananggit stressed, adding that discipline and dedication to work is important.

Aside from the training on traffic management, the participants were also taught on the laws on traffic, proper conduct of checkpoint and responsibility towards work.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ruel Visitacion Traffic Officer III and newly installed CTMC Head discussed the city traffic ordinances and emphasized the importance of understanding and familiarizing the laws by heart.

The activity became successful with the participation of City Legal Officer Atty. Marlowe C. Selecios, Mr. Ruel Visitacion Traffic Officer III/CTMC Head, PINSP Vicente E. Claud of PNP Valencia City, Mr. Arthur M. Ranque Transportation Relation Officer II of Land Transportation Office, and Pastor James Cañamo.