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Valencia City CDRRMC Holds First Quarterly Meeting

The Valencia City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (CDRRMC) conducted its first quarterly meeting with topics focusing on the effects of El Niño in the city on February 11, 2016 at Taipan Hotel and Restaurant.

Ms. Connie L. Dalangan, Acting City Agriculturist, presented to the august body the current situation of the city in terms of agricultural aspects.

Ms. Dalangan said that as of February 4, the strong El Niño inflicted damages to the city with 1,664.16 hectares of affected farm lands and 1,687 affected farmers.

She added that the data gathered are only based from the affected corn and rice crops.

Also, Ms. Dalangan presented to the body the issues and concerns gathered from the previous consultative meeting and strategic planning last February 2, 2016.

Highlighted are the problems of limited irrigation of water supply for lowland rice production, lack of food for household consumption, and absence of farm inputs capital for the next cropping due to crop damage caused by El Niño.

Ms. Dalangan said that the city government already set possible solutions such as provision of water pumps, proper scheduling of water, and installation of wind mills. Also proposed is the synchronous planting system with 5 croppings in two years to the farmers of Valencia City.

With the said solutions the City Agriculture Office together with the National Irrigation Administration, aimed to equally distribute water to the different rice fields and farm lands in lowland barangays and support the needs of the farmers.

On the other hand, City Councilor Hon. Oliver Owen L. Garcia, Officer in Charge City Mayor and Acting CDRRMC Chairperson, felt the need to declare state of calamity in the city; however, based from the data of the City Agriculture Office the damage is not yet sufficient to declare state of calamity.

Hon. Garcia asked the City Agriculture Office to get a better picture of the data for the council to decide if the declaration of state of calamity for the entire city is necessary.

Ms. Dalangan said that they still have to update their data and will include other affected land areas with different crops.

Furthermore, the meeting also led to the discussion of the utilization of LDRRMF funds last year and allocation of this year’s LDRRMF funds for the plans and programs of the city government.

Mr. Alejandro L. Larosa Jr., Executive Officer of CDRRMO, also presented the criteria and their preparation for this year’s regional GAWAG Kalasag.

Mr. Larosa also presented the passage of CDRRMC resolution requesting the DOST-10 to install additional rain gauge in the city particularly at Barangay Tugaya. The resolution was then hereby approved by the august body.