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Valencia City holds public hearing for proposed city revenue code

The city local government of Valencia held a public hearing for the proposed City Revenue Code of 2015 on November 25, 2015 at Taipan Hotel Valencia.

Hon. Policarpo P. Murillo, IV, M.D together with Hon. Atty. Oliver Owen L. Garcia presented the proposed ordinance to the members of transport sector, local offices and agencies.

The ordinance, otherwise known as the Valencia City Revenue Code of 2015 aims to govern the levy, assessment, and collection of taxes, fees, charges and other impositions within the territorial jurisdiction of the City.

At the hearing, Hon. Murillo discussed the revenue code and the imposition of taxes to include Real Property Tax, Special Levy on Land, Tax on Idle Lands, Socialized Housing Tax, Tax on Transfer of Real Property Ownership, Community Tax, Professional Tax, Occupational Tax, and others.

An open forum was also conducted to cater suggestions and feedbacks from the participants. Such information will be properly deliberated to include in the amendments of the proposed ordinance.

During the forum, the members of the transport group raised some queries with regard to motorela fees and concerns on the current situation of the traffic in the city.

According to them the taxes imposed for the motorela drivers affects their daily income.

Hon. Garcia said that they don't have the jurisdiction to answer the concern since only the BIR can address it. However, he said that he will help the group bring their concern to the BIR and discuss further on how government taxes works.

With regards to the concern about the traffic situation in the city, Hon. Murillo said the local government is on it its way to provide its traffic code.

The local government on the other hand, through the supervision of Mayor Azucena P. Huervas assured to give more services and implement projects that will benefit the people.