Valencia City Conducts Public Hearing for City Investment and Incentive Code of 2015

The City Government of Valencia conducted a public hearing for proposed ordinance promulgating the city investment and incentive code of 2015 and providing appropriations thereof on November 20, 2015 at the CAP building.

Hon. Policarpo P. Murillo, IV, M.D and Hon. Atty. Oliver Owen L. Garcia presented the ordinance that aims to speed up the growth of the economic status of the city.

The proposed ordinance encouraged the local government to play an active role in attracting more investment by providing an enabling environment that will generate and enhance economic activities in the city.

This also serves as the opportune time for the city to come up with investment-friendly laws and policies to attract and provide incentives to investors domestic or foreign without compromising the welfare of the people of Valencia.

During the hearing, Hon. Murillo discussed the purposes and objectives of the ordinance to the participants coming from the different local offices and agencies.

He also presented the incentives that will help attract businessman to invest in Valencia City.

Hon. Garcia on the other hand, sighted the proposed local investment and incentive code as way better compared to the previous code made when Valencia City is still a municipality.

“We want to make Valencia City a business-friendly city,” said Garcia adding that prioritizing investment that would stimulate and enhance economic development will help generate employment and create opportunities for the people of Valencia.

Helpful feedbacks and suggestions from the participants were also properly noted as it will be deliberated to be part of the amendments of the proposed ordinance.

The said ordinance will likely to pass in the plenary on the next month after several deliberation and readings.

The local government, through the support of Mayor Azucena P. Huervas, assured to exercise its power and functions to provide the basic services and facilities for the people of Valencia.

The hearing was also graced by Hon. Camilo E. Pepito and Hon. Rolando D. Centillas Jr.¬¬¬¬¬