Valencia City Launches October 14 as Greening Day

By virtue of City Ordinance No. 58-2015 declaring every 14th day of October every year as Greening Day in the City of Valencia and in celebration of Fr. Neri Satur Day, the City Government of Valencia through the City Environment and Natural Resources Office headed by Forester Julius M. Parian, City Environment and Natural Resources Officer launched the Valencia City Greening Day on October 14, 2015 at Twin Hills, San Carlos, Valencia City.

The program started with a Eucharistic Mass officiated by Rev. Fr. Jose Sumastre and the attendees were being reminded in their roles in community involvement especially in saving Mother Nature as Fr. Nerilito Satur died for environmental protection and holding on to his convictions in protecting our environment.

Hon. Arlando L. Cañete, ABC Federation President and the Barangay Captain of San Carlos welcome the guests from the City Government of Valencia and other stakeholders. He also thanked them for sharing a part of their time in celebrating Fr. Neri Satur Day.

City Councilor Hon. Camilo E. Pepito, Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Environment who spoke in behalf of the City Mayor, Hon. Azucena P. Huervas, in his message, emphasized the importance of helping save our environment. The launching of Valencia City Greening Day is in line with the National Greening Program (Executive Order No. 26) which is the tree growing activity to complement forest rehabilitation program.

A total of 152 participants from the City Government of Valencia joined in the tree-growing activity and 300 rain tree and cherry blossom trees were planted.

Meanwhile, San Agustin Parish Church headed by Rev. Fr. Diomedes Brigoli spearheaded a simultaneous Clean-up Drive and Plant-a Tree for a Cause Activity at Pulangui Riverbank, Pantad, Poblacion, Valencia City also in celebration of Fr. Neri Satur Day. CENRO Valencia City has provided 200 rain tree and cherry blossoms tree for the said activity.

Fr. Neri Satur was shot dead on October 14, 1991. As a deputized forest ranger, Fr. Satur confiscated truckloads of timber earning the ire of illegal loggers. It was his advocacy protecting the forest against timber poaching in the highlands of Valencia City.