Social Sector



25. Education for all

    25.1 School Enrolment Campaign Prog.

       25.1.1 Conduct information dissemination

       25.1.2 Conduct data gathering thru house to house survey

       25.1.3 Conduct early registration/enrolment

26. Advocacy Materials (Print/Mass Media)

    26.1 School Enrolment Promotion Prog.

       26.1.1 Strengthening linkages w/ LGU, Brgy., and stakeholders

       26.1.2 Formulate/Legislate laws & policies to require parents

       26.1.3 Strengthening the 4Ps Program

       26.1.4 Provision of incentives, scholar-ship programs/grants for deserving pupils and students

27. Expand Access to Quality Basic Education

    27.1 Addressing School less Sitios

       27.1.1 Creation/Establishment of Elem./ and annex high schools in identified brgys. and sitios

       27.1.2 Deployment of Job Order Teachers

       27.1.3 Construction/Repair of school buildings

28. Project "DEAR" (Drop Everything and (Read) - Project "Tanan bata makabasa"

    28.1 Intensify School Reading Program

       28.1.1 Conduct Enhancement Skills training for teachers

       28.1.2 Organize committees w/ parents and stakeholders

       28.1.3 Formulation of localized reading/instructional materials

       28.1.4 Conduct monitoring & assessment/evaluation

       28.1.5 Recognition of teachers, parents, & pupils

       28.1.6 Conduct monthly written/oral contest

       28.1.7 Conduct summer reading camp

       28.1.8 Strengthen the 3Rs

       28.1.9 Implementation of MTB-MLE

29. Increase NAT Result in all subject areas

    29.1 Mastery of learning competencies focusing on unmastered skills

       29.1.1 Organization of school review committee

       29.1.2 Conduct orientation review w/ teachers & parents

       29.1.3 Formulation/procurement of review practice test materials

       29.1.4 Conduct regular review

       29.1.5 Conduct monitoring, supervision assessment & validation

30. Maximize Participation of Young & Adults

    30.1 Conduct accreditation & equivalency

            (A&E), BAILE, BARPO

      30.1.1 Conduct literacy mapping & identify learners both in elem./ secondary

       30.1.2 Identify catchment areas

       30.1.3 Identify & train instructional Managers & classes to be opened

       30.1.4 Conduct FLT for young adults to determine level of competence

       30.1.5 Formulate project proposal/funding requirement for the recipient brgys.

       30.1.6 Formulate MOA for signing

       30.1.7 Implementation of D.O 62, s.2011 Indigenous Peoples Education

       30.1.8 Strengthening advocacy & social mobilization with stakeholders & partners

       30.1.9 Increase access to Basic literacy program, BAILE, A & E

       30.1.10 Expand literacy & livelihood educ.

       30.1.11 Linlage w/ potential service providers for ALS & IPEd

31. Strengthening Efficiency & Effectiveness of the School System

    31.1 Implementation of Special Flagship programs

       31.1.1 Expand coverage of SPED classes

       31.1.2 Intensifying kindergarten &

                  MADRASAH (ALIVE)

       31.1.3 Construction of additional classrooms & other school facilities

       31.1.4 Advocate ATM-CROPS of the Division

       31.1.5 Conduct in-service training, seminar, workshops

       31.1.6 Intensify School Based Mgt.

       31.1.7 Provide computer equipment & technical support

       31.1.8 Grant benefits, awards system to teachers, official & personnel w/ exemplary performance

       31.1.9 Allocate funds for school site survey and titling

       31.1.10 Revitalize National English Proficiency program

       31.1.11 Assessment of schools for PASBE for accreditation

       31.1.12 Conduct annually/regularly NCBTS

       31.1.13 Intensify Gulayan sa Paaralan

      31.1.14 Intensify tree growing, tree caring program as part of the government's NGP

       31.1.15 Intensify "Brigada Eskwela"

       31.1.16 Conduct information dissemination on "Balik Eskwela program"

       31.1.17 Intensify the "Adopt a School Program

       31.1.18 Intensify school feeding program

       31.1.19 Revitalize scouting programs & activities

       31.1.20 Strengthening sports programs

      31.1.21 Enhance EHCP, UMDC prog. Sports

32. Promotion of sports activities & development of athletic skills

    32.1 Construction of Sports Complex w/ facilities

   32.2 Identification and acquisition of lot area

   32.3 Acquisition of coaster/bus

   32.4 Conduct of Annual Palarong Panlungsod & other sports development activities

    32.5 Sponsorship/Partnership w/ CSOs/Private entities for sports activities

33. Athletic Scholarship Program

    33.1 Formulation of athletic scholarship guidelines

    33.2 Identify potential athlete scholars thru conduct of sports activities

   33.3 Partnership w/ DepEd or other schools for the scholarship program

34. Promotion of Healthy lifestyle through sports

    34.1 Health & wellness activities Health

35. Maternal, Neonatal, Child Health & Nutrition Program

    35.1 IEC on FBD

    35.2 Upgrading of BHS into lying-in clinics

36. TB Control Program

    36.1 Sputum collection & smearing

    36.2 Purchase of adverse reaction meds.

    36.3 Treatment of patients

37. Schistosomiasis Control program

    37.1 Stool Examination

    37.2 Purchase of adverse reaction meds.

38. Creation of item in the plantilla

    38.1 Hiring of physicians & med. Techs.

    38.2 Purchase of 4-wheel drive vehicle

39. Family Planning

    39.1 Conduct voluntary surgical sterilization

    39.2 Provision of family planning supplies

40. Voluntary Blood Donation

    40.1 Purchase of anti-rabies vaccines

41. Rabbies Control Program

    41.1 Purchase of anti-rabies vaccines

42. Dengue Control Program

    42.1 Purchase of insecticides

    42.2 Misting of household affected w/ dengue

    42.3 IEC

    42.4 Kiti kiti survey

43. Reproductive Health and Wellness Prog.

   43.1 Pap smear

    43.2 Breast Exam, Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy

    43.3 Viginal Smearing

    43.4 Inspection of Night Establishments

    43.5 Purchase of Medicines

44. Healthy Lifestyle

    44.1 Conduct lectures and symposia

    44.2 Purchase of Medical Supplies

    44.3 Consultation and treatment of cases

45. Water Rehabilitation

    45.1 Rehabilitation of standard water reservoir and pipelines

46. Assistance

    46.1 Provision of sanitary toilet to households

Indigenous People (Culture)

47. Livelihood Program/Employment

    47.1 Support to Ips/ICCs Indigenous crafts, development promotions, marketing IP products

    47.2 Communal livelihood program Entrepreneurship Management

48. Protection, Preservation & Development:

    48.1 IP sites and landmarks

    48.2 Culture & traditions

    48.3 Rituals & communal festival

49. Educational Assistance program

    49.1 Scholarship/Training

            * For poor but deserving IP students

            * Training of IP teachers

    49.2 IPEd Program (AO # 62, s. 2011)

50. Ancestral Domain claims

    50.1 Assist IPOs on processing of ancestral domain

51. Livelihood program

    51.1 Agro reforestation Adoption of duly approved policies & mechanism for environmental protection, conservation & rehabilitation as stipulated in the Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development & Protection Plan (ADSDPPs) Peace & Order

52. Conduct Police Visibility (24/7) and delivery of quality service

    52.1 Press Conference

    52.2 Public Forum

    52.3 Radio Program

    52.4 Barangay Visitation

53. Conduct training on BIN (Brgy. Intelligence Network) to all 31 brgys. once a year

54. Conduct Barangay Tanod Training

55. Conduct BPAT Training to all 31 brgy. twice a year

56. Presence of illegal drug trade affecting the entire city:

   56.1 Fund for Intel Build-up and case operation against drug dealers & pusher

   56.2 Continuous awareness education of the community through Drug Symposium, forums and anti-illegal drugs campaign

   56.3 Organize an anti-illegal drug organization such as BADAC (Brgy. Anti-Drug Council) to establish Brgy.-based anti-illegal drugs counterparts

57. Conduct road safety seminar to all drivers especially who are traffic violators

58. Installation of New Traffic Light along the major/busiest street of the city like at the junction of Laviña St., Catarata road, and Bonifacio, Sayre road.

59. Land banking

    59.1 Housing program/Relocation Site

       59.1.1 Core Shelter Assistance

       59.1.2 Displaced Families

       59.1.3 Financial Assistance Social Welfare

60. Alternative Education for disadvantaged youths

    60.1 Construction of Valencia City Computer Learning center with complete amenities & equipment for disadvantaged youth

    60.2 Purchase sports and recreational equipment & facilities for out-of-school youths

61. Indigent Youth & Youth w/ disabilities

    61.1 Livelihood Assistance

62. Livelihood projects Self Employment Assistance & Skills Development

    62.1 SEA Livelihood Assistance (SKA Group)

    62.2 Basic Business Management Training

    62.3 Skills Training

63. Special protection for Women & Children

    63.1 Construction of:

       63.1.1 Crises center for women (pink room)

       63.1.2 Bahay Pag-asa for CICL w/ complete equipment, amenities & facilities (video/audio)

64. Day Care Services

    64.1 Purchase of program DCC materials for day care children

   64.2 Supplemental feeding

    64.3 Construction of Day Care centers to brgys. w/ increasing numbers of Day Care children

               * Centers in poor conditions

   64.4 Provision & installation of playground or outdoor devices/facilities

65. Core shelter assistance program

    65.1 Core shelter assistance/Construction of 80 houses

    65.2 Financial Assistance and cash for work/food for work program

66. Provision of massage, health & other physical restoration facilities

    66.1 Furnishing of Senior Citizen bldg. w/ massage & other physical restoration Marginalized

67. Establishment of PWD organizations in every barangay

    67.1 Institutionalization of sustainable community-based livelihood program among PWD organizations

68. Land Banking for Housing/Relocation Site

    68.1 Core shelter assistance to displaced families

    68.2 Cash for Work Disaster

69. Strengthening of Public Information System

    69.1 Procurement of high speed digital duplicator for reproduction of IEC materials (RISO machine)

    69.2 Procurement of Sound System

    69.3 Reproduction & Office Operation materials:

               * Supplies

               * Computer

               * LCD Projector

               * Laptop

               * Camera

               * Accessories

70. Disaster Preparedness & Mgt. Program

    70.1 Disaster Rescue Operation & Mgt. projects:

       70.1.1 Purchase of rescue vehicles

       70.1.2 Procurement of fire equipment

       70.1.3 Purchase of rescue equipment (WASAR, Vehicular & High angle rescue)

       70.1.4 Purchase of medicines (CHO) & medical supplies

       70.1.5 Service vehicle maintenance

       70.1.6 Food Provision for Emergency Response

    70.2 Conduct of the following trainings & seminars to CDRRMC personnel & 31 brgy. Rescue teams & other CSO volunteers:


  * - Brgy. Rescue Teams and CSO Volunteers

·         Incident command system - **

·         Contingency Planning-*,**

·         Standard First Aid - *, **

·         BLS – CPR - * ,**

·         Ambulance operation - **

·         Water safety rescue - * , **

·         Swift water rescue - * ,**

·         Urban Search and rescue (USAR- *, **

·        High angle rope rescue –

·         Mountain search and rescue (MOSAR) - **

·         Collapsed structure - **

·         Emergency medical technician-**

·         Disaster management - **

·         DANA - *,**

      Conduct of the following drills:

·         Earthquake

·         Flood

·         Accidents

·         Fire Contingency Plan

    70.3 Establishment of Operations Center

       70.3.1 Construction of Command Center

71. Disaster prevention & Mitigation Program

    71.1 Construction of Flood Control

            Structure in P-20 Poblacion, Valencia City

   71.2 Construction of Retaining wall/

            Protection Dikes at High Risks Flood prone Areas (Laligan, Maapag, Kahaponan, Poblacion)

    71.3 Installation of Hazard/Warning Signs

    71.4 Tree Planting & Growing Program

    71.5 Dengue Awareness Program (CHO)

    71.6 Purchase of Relocation Site (San Isidro, Kahaponan, Vintar, Batangan, Poblacion, Tandakol

    71.7 Implementation of LCCAP

       71.7.1 Monitoring

       71.7.2 Evaluation

       71.7.3 Supplies

   GPS Locator


    71.8 Legislation of an Ordinance on:

       71.8.1 No planting of trees/high rise crops under or near high voltage power lines

       71.8.2 Strict Implementation of Zoning Ordinance Social Justice

72. Establish fair-share scheme among farm laborers & land owners

    72.1 Conduct consultation w/ farm laborers and land owners for setting of fair-share scheme

    72.2 Enactment of legislative measures for setting fair-share agreement among farm laborers and land owners

    72.3 Monitor the implementation of fair-share scheme Fire

73. Fire Prevention Program

    73.1 Conduct preliminary inspection to new buildings

    73.2 Conduct final inspection to new blgs.

    73.3 Fire safety inspection to existing establishment and buildings (large, small)

    73.4 Fire safety seminars, organization of fire brigades, pre-fire planning and fire drill on private and public buildings

   73.5 Fire safety seminars, organization of fire brigades, pre-fire planning, fire drill and Ugnayan sa Barangay

74. Fire Suppression

75. Passage of a Resolution/Ordinance to prohibit the retailing of flammable liquids without pertinent permit/license from proper authorities

Programs under the DSWDO (RO X)

76. Programs for Households below the Poverty Threshold

    76.1 Sustainable Livelihood Program - Micro enterprise  

    76.2 (CSWDO) Skills Training

    76.3 CPWASH

    76.4 ARCCESS


    76.6 Livestock Dispersal

    76.7 Dress Making

    76.8 Food Processing

77. Programs for Unemployed Individuals

    77.1 Sustainable Livelihood Program Employment Facilitation

    77.2 (CENRO) Employment through National Greening Program

    77.3 ( CTO) Employment in Development of Tourist Spots

    77.4 (DOLE/PESO) Livelihood Project Starter Kit/ Enterprise

    77.5 (DOLE/PESO) Employment

    77.6 (CAgO) Fingerlings Distribution

    77.7 ( CSWDO) Provision of Capital Assistance for Livelihood Projects

    77.8 Skills Training Development

    77.9 Starter Kit

78. Insurance Coverage

    78.1 SLP -SKA Savings

    78.2 (CSWDO) Red Cross- Payment of Premium

79. School Enrolment Campaign program

    79.1 Encourage parents to send their children to school and impart to them the value of education through Family Development Session (FDS)

    79.2 (DEP-ED) Alternative System (ALS)

    79.2 (DEP-ED) Alternative Learning System (ALS)

80. Decrease malnourished children

    80.1 Supplemental Feeding

    80.2 (CNCO) Supplemental Feeding

    80.3 (CNCO) Pabasa sa Nutrisyon

    80.4 (CAgO) Backyard Gardening Distribution Seeds/ Vegetables

81. Basic Health Services Program

    81.1 ( CHO) Allocate funds and procure FP/MNCHN commodities for temporary methods:

               - pill

               - condom

               - dmpa

               - IUD

     81.2 (CHO) Conduct voluntary surgical sterilization for permanent method

              - Bilateral Tubal Ligation

              - Purchase of Medicines

                and medical supplies

82. Access to Safe Water Supply

    82.1 Potable Water Supply

83. Access to Sanitary Toilet Facilities

    83.1 Information Education Campaign (IEC)

    83.2 (CHO) Training on Sustainable ZOPD (Zero Open Defecation) MDG by 2016

    83.2 Purchase Toilet Bowl or Toilet Bowl Moulder

84. Proper Garbage Disposal

    84.1 (CENRO) Environmental Solid Waste Management Seminar & Buy Back of Waste

85. Landbanking for Relocation Sites

    85.1 Relocation

86. Electrification Program


      Family Development Session

        * Home Visitation

        * Counseling

        * Conduct Case Management

    87.1 Value Formation

88. Participation in legitimate People's


    88.1 IEC

    88.2 Organize Group & Encourageto participate in Peple's Organization

    88.3 Women & Youth Organization

    88.4 Mass Recruitment (KAIBIGAN)

89. GPBP Projects

    89.1  Provision of potable water supply

    89.2 Distribution of pipelines

    89.3 Road Maintenance & Rehabilitation

    89.4 Construction of flood control structure

    89.5 Provision of Starter kit project w/ protective gear (Carpentry, Mason, Plumbing, Cosmetology, Massage)

    89.6 Workers Augmentation Program (WINAP)- Rice Trading & Marketing

    89.7 Workers Augmentation Program (WINAP)- T-shirt & Tarpaulin printing

    89.8 Workers Augmentation Program (WINAP)- High Value Vegetable & Spices

    89.9 Provision of Meat processing Equip. like grinder, freezer, etc. for mass production of longganisa, Chorizo

    89.10 Livestock dispersal program

    89.11 Tulong panghanapbuhay para sa ating nga disadvantaged workers (TUPAD) for unemployed professionals

    89.12 Construction of Pasalubong Center

    89.13 Construction of crisis intervention center

    89.14 Repair & Upgrading of Day Care Centers

    89.15 Repair/Rehabilitation of School Classrooms & provision of School Furniture

    89.16 Planting of Bamboo & Fruit trees along the riverbanks

    89.17 Provision of Multi-purpose drying pavements & post-harvest facilities for irrigators association & farmer's coop.

    89.18 Technical Skills Development for out of school youths & persons w/ disabilities

    89.20 Production of Organic Fertilizer

    89.21 Road Concreting along junction Valencia Talaingod road to Batangan old Pulangui Bridge

    89.22 Provision of Post Harvest Facilities

    89.23 Establishment of Eco Park

    89.24 Construction of Box Culvert along Malingon Creek in Brgy. San Carlos

    89.25 Construction of Box Culvert in Brgy. Concepcion

    89.26 Procurement of Mobile Clinic

    89.27 Skills development program for out of school youth and PSWDs.

    89.28  Repair/ rehabilitation of classrooms

    89.29  Gulayan sa Paaralan

    89.30 Maternal neonatal child health nutrition (Basic Emergency Management Obstetric and Neonatal Care, New Born Screening, EPI)

    89.31 Infectious Disease Control Program (Filariasis, Shistomiasis, Malaria & Leprosy

    89.32 Dengue Control Program

    89.33 Health Emergency Management

    89.34 Epidemiology & Disease Surveillance

    89.35 Rabies Control

    89.36 Core Shelter Program for Calamity Victims

    89.37 Mobile Feeding and Learning Session for Street Children

    89.38 Social Pension for Indigent Senior Citizen

    89.39 Self enhancement & social dev't. program for disadvantaged women

    89.40 Production of Organic Fertilizer

    89.41 Support to organic rice production

    89.42 Distribution of farm machineries & implements

    89.43 Rice technology demo & farmer’s field school

    89.44 Support to corn production

    89.45 National HVCDP program

    89.46 Hybrid rice seed subsidy

    89.47 Livestock dispersal program

    89.48 Handicraft project

    89.49 Starter kits (pushcart, raker, carpentry, masons, massage and cosmetology

    89.50 Dress making

    89.51 Additional starter kits ( carpentry, masons, plumbing and cosmetology)

    89.52 Livestock dispersal program

    89.53 Bamboo planting along river banks

    89.54 Planting of Breadfruit

    89.55 Provision of coffee planting materials

    89.56 Climate change mitigation: planting of fuel wood production

    89.57 Nursery projects

    89.58 Assisted natural regeneration 

90. Support to Gender & Development (GAD)

    90.1 Support to Social Welfare & Dev't. Prog.

    90.2 Support to Indigency Program

    90.3 Support to Women Sector

    90.4 Support to Nutrition Program

    90.5 Support to Senior Citizen

    90.6 Support to Health

    90.7 Support to People w/ Disability

    90.8 Support to Education

    90.9 Support to Trainings & Capability Bldng. Prog. 

91. Support to Non-Office Expenditures (GF)

    91.1 Boys Scout

    91.2 Girls Scout

    91.3 Red Cross

    91.4 Physical Fitness

    91.5 Support to Civil Service Activities

    91.6 Honorarium - National Offices

    91.7 Water Expenses

    91.8 Electricity Expenses

    91.9 Support to Sanitation Program

    91.10 Telephone Expenses - Landline/Mobile

    91.11 Support to PLEB

    91.12 Insurance-Buildings/Vehicles

    91.13 Sports Development Program

    91.14 Support to Kaamulan Celebration

    91.15 Support to Charter Day Celebration

    91.16 Support to Health Services/TB DOTS/MCPC

    91.17 Support to Peace, Security & Dev't. Prog.

    91.18 Support to High School Annexes

    91.19 Support to Different Leagues

    91.20 Support to Tourism

    91.21 Social Dev't. Prog./ARCP Tongantongan

    91.22 Support to VCHS

    91.23 Support to Monitoring Activities

    91.24 Support to CDP Preparation

    91.25 Support to LCPC

    91.26 Support to the Gen. Revision of RP Assessment

    91.27 Support to Special Bodies

    91.28 Administrative Support Services - SPO

    91.29 Support to Retirement Benefits

    91.30 Support to ABC

    91.31 Support to Day Care Workers

    91.32 Support to Barangay Nutrition Scholar

    91.33 Support to Barangay Health Workers

    91.34 Support to Lupon

    91.35 Support to Tanod

    91.36 Support to Gabay

    91.37 Support to Food Security

    91.38 Support to Farmer's Month Celebration

    91.39 TOPS

    91.40 Consultancy Services

    91.41 Support to IPs

    91.42 Livelihood Program

    91.43 COMELEC Election Expenses

    91.45 ICT Roadmap

    91.44 Support to Happy Home Foundation

92. Aid to Barangay

93. Financial Assistance to Brgy. Dev't. Projects

94. Constructio of Multi-purpose Hall/Center

95. New Public Market (Loan Amortization)

96. Heavy Equipment (Loan Amortization)

97. Barangay Infrastructure Dev't. Projects

    97.1 Road Concreting - Edlimar Subd. , Brgy. Lumbo

    97.2 LGU- Equity (10%) to the SALINTUBIG Prog.

    97.3 Construction of Box culvert and concreting of approaches going to Cabanuagan

    97.4 Road Concreting - Purok 6-A going to Cabanuangan

    97.5 Construction of Multi-Purpose Hall Paglaum, Lumbo

    97.6 Power utilities for the 2 relocation housing projects at Bagontaas- Paglaum 3 and Red Cross

    97.7 Water utilities relocation housing projects at Bagontaas- Paglaum 3 & Red Cross

    97.9 Completion of the BLISS Learning Center

    97.10 Construction of Covered Court

      •    Guinoyuran

      •    Dabong-dabong, Mailag - Phase 1

      •    Sugod - Phase 1

      •    P-3, Petisyon, Barobo - Phase 1

      •    Grand Meadows, Phase II

      •    Lurugan Elementary School

    97.11 Streetlights

    97.12 Additional Funds for heavy equipment Excavator

    97.13 Road Opening at Tagostos, Poblacion, to Lumbo

    97.14 3" dia. Distribution line tapping at Liloan areas to supply P-6 Saging, Pacangan & Sinanlayan, Lumbo

    97.15 Construction of Multi- Purpose Hall Laligan - Phase I

    97.16 Perimeter fence - Lourdes Elem. School

98. Support to Food Security

99. Barangay Road Rahabilitation Program

100. Purchase of Heavy Equipment

101. Multi-purpose Pavement P-11, Sinayawan)

102. Support to San Isidro High School

103. Construction of classroom (Batangan)

104. Purchase of Musical Instruments

105. Support to Red Cross

106. Purchase of Garbage Compactor

107. Purchase of LGY City Tourist Bus (Brand New)

108. ICT Roadmap

109. Purchase of 1 unit Self-loading 10-wheeler double differential truck (Brand New)

110. Support to IPs

111. Support to Bantay Lasang Volunteer (BLV) Program

112. Landbanking for Sanitary Landfill, Cemetery, PNP & Fire Station

113. Construction of Farmer's Market

114. School Sites Relocation Survey & Litigation Expenses

115. Support to MTB MLE (Dep.Ed.)

116. Support to MIMOSA ADM Project (Dep.Ed)

117. Peace Education Program

118. Support to Pupil/Student Development Prog.

119. Support to Staff Development Program (INSET, MANCOMS, Search)

120. Construction of "Valencia City Landmark"

121. Valencia City Park (Landbanking & development)

122. Purchase of Generator Set (SPO)

123. Purchase of forklift

124. Purchase of Utility Personnel Carrier

125. Purchase of Stationey Vehicle lifter

126. Electronic Tracking System (SPO)

127. Software for Automated Accounting System (CAO)

128. Construction of IT Office

129. Construction/Renovation of CENR Office

130. Construction of alternate roads - Pangantucan-Valencia City alternate road

131. Construction of Diversion Roads

132. Construction of City Hall Gate

133. Construction of Stage at Plaza Rizal, Pob.

134. Upgrading of Street Lights

135. Construction of Covered Courts in National High Schools & Elem. Schools

136. Construction of Women & Children Center

137. Purchase of Towing truck

138. Concreting of Brgy. Roads

139. Completion of Exec. Bldg. (w/ generating set) Diff. Barangays

140. Box Culvert (P-9, Lurugan)

141. Renovation of ABC Hall

142. Tourist Spots Development Program

143. Box Culvert (Taganibong Creek, P-3, ,Guinuyuran)

144. Pedestrian Overpass (Lumbo)

145. Box Culvert (P-10,Lumbo)

146. Canopy & Bleachers (sugarland Covered Court)

147. Walkway (Bagontaas)

148. Rehabilitation of cemetery (Brgy. Bagontaas)

149. Completion of Multi-purpose Hall (Sinayawan)

150. Box Culvert (Malingon Creek, Mt. Nebo & Lilingayon)

151. Improvement of Drainage Canal (VCCS, Poblacion)

152. Completion of Multi-purpose Hall (Poblacion)

153. LGU Equity for Day Care Center (Lurugan)

154. Relocation of Informal settlers along Colonia Highway

155. Flood Control (P-1A, 2, Batangan)

156. Land Banking (Integrated NHS, Dagatkidavao)

157. Extension of Potable Water System (Catumbalon)

158. Hanging Bridge (Mabuhay-Catumbalon)

159. Center Island (Lumbo-Colonia)

160.Protection Dike (San Isidro) to CDP

161. Perimeter Fence (Kahapunan E/S)

162. Administration Building (Tongantongan)

163. Administration Building (Maapag

164. Administration Building (Mt. Nebo)

165. Administration Building (Sugod)

166. Street lights (Bagontaas - Sugod)

167. Support to various barangay programs/projects and activities

168. Farm to Market Roads:

          168.1 Concreting/Improvement of Bulalacao-Concepcion Proper-Jct.Laligan

          168.2 Concreting/Improvement of Buco, Banlag, Dagat-ki-Davao

          168.3 Concreting/Improvement of Handuman-Mt. Nebo proper

          168.4 Concreting/Improvement of Migtukwan Tugaya Proper

          168.5 Tambagan-Magsal

          168.6 Lourdes Proper-Sitio Pelarcon

          168.7 Mt. Nebo-Sitio Migtulod

          168.8 Lilingayon-Cambangon-Tandacol