Environment Sector


23. Solid Waste Management Enhancement Program

   23.1 RA 9003 Advocacy Project

       23.1.1 Conduct brgy. IEC to all brgys.

       23.1.2 Hold garbage congress for major waste generators

       23.1.3 Produce pamphlets, flyers, brochures re: ESWM

       23.1.4 Radio Program on "Basura mo, Sagot Mo"

    23.2 Institutional Development Project

       23.2.1 Reactivation and Strengthening of the City Ecological Solid Waste Management Board

       23.2.2 Issuance of an EO for members of the expanded ESWM Board

      23.2.3 Organizational Meeting & Briefing on the roles and function of the board

       23.2.4 Institutionalization of ESWMC in the BGU

      23.2.5 Cross site visits to areas w/ successful ESWM projects

       23.2.6 Conduct of periodic meeting (at least quarterly)

    23.3 City SWM Plan Enhancement Project

       23.3.1 Conduct city solid waste characterization & profiling of waste gen. sources/baseline data gathering

       23.3.2 Training/Workshop on ESWM Plan Preparation & Formulation

       23.3.3 Finalization & submission of the Plan for SP approval/passage of Ordinance

 Committee Review of the Plan

 Public Hearing

 Publication & Approval

    23.4 City SW MRF Cum Processing Plant Project

       23.4.1 Site identification & conduct of viability study (Environmental & social acceptability)

       23.4.2 Area acquisition/land banking

       23.4.3 Formulation of site development plan

       23.4.4 Processing of ECC

       23.4.5 Construction of City Central MRF

       23.4.6 Procurement of processing machine for bio-degradable waste & recycling machine for non-bio waste

       23.4.7 Operationalization of processing plant

       23.4.8 Training of operation crews

      23.4.9 Maintenance & Supervision

    23.5 Improvement of City SW collection service

       23.5.1 Establishment of strategic collection stations/MRF for Brgy.-household waste

       23.5.2 Procurement of additional sanitation trucks

       23.5.3 Formulation of periodic and spatial collection schedule

    23.6 Safe Closure & Rehab of Tugaya Dumpsite/Eco-Park Conversion Project

       23.6.1 Plan Preparation & Approval

       23.6.2 ECC processing

       23.6.3 Construction of Engineering structures

 Construction of lecheate pond

 Installation of airvents

 Construction of benchtype ripraps

       23.6.4 Establishment of vegetative cover

24. Forest Regulation, Development & Regulation Program

    24.1 Establishment of Forest & Fruit Tree Nurseries

       24.1.1 Expansion of the Central Nursery

       24.1.2 Establishment of 31 brgy. Satellite Nurseries (1/brgy.)

       24.1.3 Production of quality planting materials

    24.2 Forest Land Development Projects

       24.2.1 Agro-forest farm development project (1200 has.)

       24.2.2 Commercial tree plantation project (1500 has.)

       24.2.3 Assisted Natural Regeneration Project (300 has.)

       24.2.4 Brgy. Tree Park Development Project (31 has.)

    24.3 Forest Laws & Regulation Enforcement Project

       24.3.1 Creation of Anti-illegal logging task force

       24.3.2 Reactivation of the Brgy. Green Brigade

       24.3.3 Deputation of Bantay Lasang Volunteers

 Conduct of periodic foot patrol within protected areas

       24.3.4 Creation of Multi-Partite Monitoring Team

       24.3.5 Conduct periodic monitoring activities

       24.3.6 Establishment of check points in identified hot spot areas

    24.4 Forest Management Legislation Prog.

       24.4.1 Review & Passage of a Local Environment Code

       24.4.2 Forging co-management agreements w/ DENR on untenured forest land areas

       24.4.3 Policy development on the management of co-managed areas

       24.4.4 Identification of participants/stakeholders as resource managers

       24.4.5 Issuance of local-based tenurial instrument to resource managers

       24.4.6 Formulation of Forest Management Unit Plan