Economic Sector



1. Increase Crop Production

    1.1 Establishment of Sustainable Organic Agriculture Center

       1.1.1 Land Banking

       1.1.2 Establishment of SOA demo farm & research area

       1.1.3 Establishment of Crop Seeds & other planting materials production

       1.1.4 Establishment of BIO-N Mixing Plant

       1.1.5 Establishment of other Organic agriculture input preparation center

       1.1.6 Establishment of NFTS Center

       1.1.7 Establishment of Seeds Conservation center

       1.1.8 Establishment of Vermi composting production facilities

       1.1.9 Establishment of Trichoderma h. Laboratory

       1.1.10 Establishment of STK soils laboratory

       1.1.11 Establishment of OA Training Center w/ complete facilities

    1.2 Intensify Farm Inputs Subsidy

       1.2.1 Seeds Subsidy




       1.2.2 Other crops & high valued planting materials sudsidy (rootcrops, fruits and legumes)

       1.2.3 Fertilizer Subsidy

 Granular Inorganic Fertilizer

 Granular Organic Fertilizer

 Foliar Inorganic Fertilizer

 Foliar Organic Fertilizer

       1.2.4 Feeds Subsidy

    1.3 Vegetables & Cutflowers Nursery Establishment

    1.4 Provision of Post-harvest facilities

       1.4.1 Provision of Multi-purpose Drying

                Pavement & Post-Harvest Facilities for Farmers' Association & Coops

       1.4.2 Provision of Coffee Post-harvest facilities

       1.4.3 Mobile rice mill (for organic rice)

       1.4.4 Mobile corn sheller

    1.5 Production of Organic Fertilizers

    1.6 Provision of Farm Implements & Equip.:

          Shredding Machine, Farm, Tractor drum seeder, rice transplanter, motorized weeder

    1.7 Provision of Irrigation Facilities & Equipment: (in preparation to prolong drought)

       1.7.1 Small water impounding project

       1.7.2 Drip irrigation facilities for organic vegetables production

       1.7.3 Water Pump

    1.8 Intensify other Technology Transfer Programs/Activities

       1.8.1 Establishments of farmers training center, Farmer's Information Technology System (FITS) & City Agriculture Complex

       1.8.2 Farmer's Field School Training

       1.8.3 Farmer's Trainings/Seminars

       1.8.4 Information Education Campaign

 Purchase of 4 wheel drive vehicle

 Purchase of Motorcycles (rent to own scheme)

    1.9 Agricultural products Value Adding Technology Transfer

       1.9.1 Establishments of agriculture by-products common processing facilities

       1.9.2 Value-adding-technology training seminars

    1.10 Marketing & promotion support to Organic Agriculture products producers

       1.10.1 Construction of Pasalubong Center

       1.10.2 Marketing Support (Capital) composite team or technicom

       1.10.3 Installation of Organic Agriculture composite team or technicom

       1.10.4 Installation of Organic Agriculture Local certifier

       1.10.5 Establishment of Organic Agri. Internal Quality Control System

       1.10.6 Establishment of Organic Trading Center

2. Increase Freshwater Fish Production

    2.1 Hatchery Development

    2.2 Fingerlings Dispersal

    2.3 Feeds & Fishponds Dev't. Subsidy

    2.4 Establishment of Mini Feed Mill for Inland Freshwater Fish

3. Incentives & Awards Program for LGU Employees and Farmers

    3.1 Annual Farmer's Month Celebration

       3.1.1 Awards to Outstanding Farmers (Local, Provincial, Regional, & National levels)

    3.2 CAgO-LGU Employee Recognition

       3.2.1 Awards to Outstanding Employee (Local, Provincial, Regional, & National levels)

4. Increase Animal Production

    4.1 Intensify Artificial Insemination Services

       4.1.1 Establishment of AI center w/ complete equipment & facilities

       4.1.2 Promote Artificial Insemination

       4.1.3 Training of additional AI Technician

    4.2 Intensify Animal Dispersal Services

       4.2.1 Training of Animal Dispersal Beneficiaries

       4.2.2 Selection of Animal Dispersal Beneficiaries

    4.3 Feeds & Fodder Production

       4.3.1 Conduct Training & Facilitate the planting of improved pasture & grasses for livestock feeds & fodder

       4.3.2 Conduct Training & Facilitate on-field silage preparation

       4.3.3 Conduct Training & Facilitate on

              Organic Feeds preparation

    4.4 Technology Transfer

       4.4.1 Poultry & Livestock Production

              Demonstration Establishment

 Cattle Raising

 Organic Swine Raising

 Free range organic native chicken raising
 Goat Raising

       4.4.2 Dairy Production Demonstration Establishment
 Cows dairy production
 Goat dairy production

       4.4.3 Land Banking for the 

                Demonstration farm

       4.4.4 Conduct basic seminars on animal production, nutrition and management

5. Institutionalize Animal Health Services

       5.1 Establishment of Animal Disease & Diagnostic Laboratory (CADDL) w/ complete equipment/facilities & City Vet. Office renovation

       5.2 Health related activities

          5.2.1 Regular vaccination

          5.2.2 Regular Deworming

          5.2.3 Vitamins supplementation

          5.2.4 Treatment of Animal Diseases

          5.2.5 Conduct Surveillance and monitoring of the entry of animal diseases

       5.3 Purchase of 4-wheel drive vehicle

6. Intensify Antemortem, Postmortem, Post  Abbatoir Inspection & Re-inspection Services

    6.1 Enact Abattoir Ordinance

    6.2 Conduct Regular Meat Inspection

    6.3 Completion of slaughterhouse construction & its food grade equipment & facilities

    6.4 Purchase of 2 refrigerated-6 wheeler delivery meat van

7. Establishment of Livestock Auction Market

    7.1 Identification of LGU/Private Area in or nearer in the brgy. Poblacion

    7.2 Conduct regular livestock auction market

    7.3 Land banking/Land rentals

    7.4 Establishment of auction building w/ complete equipment & facilities

8. Revenue Generation

    8.1 General revision of schedule of market values on RPT

    8.2 Massive collection on delinquent properties

    8.3 Enforcement of legal remedies & auction sale on delinquent properties for more than 3 years

   8.4 Examination on book of account of all business establishments within the city

    8.5 Strict implementation/compliance of Revenue Code

    8.6 Giving awards to outstanding taxpayers

       8.6.1 One (1) per barangay

       8.6.2 Ten (10) Corporations

       8.6.3 Ten (10) Single Properties in both business & real property

    8.7 Tax Mapping

       8.7.1 Conduct inventory of real property owner

9. Review Investment Code

    9.1 Review Incentive Code to attract investor

    9.2 Establishment of investment office

10. Improvement of Central Market

    10.1 Tenanted 1st & 2nd floor

       10.1.1 Adjust sizes of stalls at the grains, commercial & cafeteria section

       10.1.2 Upgrading of electrical system in wet section

       10.1.3 Remove the stainless steel cordon and provide steps on some area

      10.1.4 Improve the drainage and flooring of the wet section

      10.1.5 Legislate policy for the 2nd floor

    10.2 Accommodate dry goods & fruit vendors along parking areas surrounding the

          Central Market

       10.2.1 Legislate policy on temporary location of fruit & dry good vendors

      10.2.2 Construct 150 stalls for dry goods section and 40 stalls for fruit sec.

11. Increase utilization of City Gym

    11.1 Improve ventilation, acoustic, lighting, bleachers of the gymnasium

    11.2 Pass policies to improve system of operation

12. Establish a functional "bagsakan center"

      & animal auction center at Farmer's Market

    12.1 Construct 8 landing bays for fish carriers and haulers

    12.2 Provide accurate weighing devices

    12.3 Provide truck scale

    12.4 Construction of Animal Auction Center

13. Conversion of old terminal to city business center

    13.1 Pass legislation for facility conversion

    13.2 Construction of 4-storey business center building

14. Conversion of 2nd floor New Terminal to mini hotel

    14.1 Pass legislation for conversion of 2nd fl. into a mini hotel

    14.2 Improve hotel facility

15. Utilization of spaces at convention bldg.

    15.1 Review policies, usufruct contracts

    15.2 Legislate leasing policies

    15.3 Renovation of the building

16. Upgrading of Integrated Bus Terminal Building B

    16.1 Installation of roof canopy in bus parking bays

    16.2 Repair and Maintenance of New Bus Terminal Building A

17. Establishment of New Valencia City Memorial Park

    17.1 Purchase of 5-10 has. Land for the new site

    17.2 Legislate policies

    17.3 Site development

18. Improvement of collection for natural resources/quarrying

    18.1 Establishment of checkpoints and monitoring units in 7 brgys.

19. Improvement of income from heavy equipment rental

    19.1 Proper maintenance of units

    19.2 Enactment of heavy equipment rental ordinance

20. Construction of roads & bridges

    20.1 Road construction/opening from P-13 going to New Integrated Bus terminal, Poblacion, Old terminal to Kawayanon

    20.2 Road right of way acquisition/expropriation

    20.3 Road lot survey

    20.4 Construction of Box Culvert from crossing Benjamin Nano street to PCF, Hindangon w/ road concreting

21. Improvement/rehabilitation of city and barangay roads

    21.1 Road concreting along Junction Valencia Talaingod Road to Batangan Old Pulangui Bridge

    21.2 Construction of Box Culvert along Malingon Creek in Brgy. San Carlos

    21.3 Construction of Box Culvert in Brgy. Concepcion

    21.4 Road Maintenance & Rehabilitation at Brgy. San Carlos

22. Construction of Potable water system

    22.1 Construction of potable water supply in 4 brgys. (Barobo, Concepcion, San Carlos

    22.2 Installation of distribution pipelines for brgys. Pinatilan, Mabuhay, Dagatki-davao, Tongantongan