Written and composed by songwriter Ellen "mai" D. Estore-Selecios, the Valencia City Hymn was officially enacted on February 3, 2020, by virtue of City Ordinance No. 17-2020. The Ordinance mandates the singing of the hymn in every flag raising ceremony, official public events, sports competitions, civic functions and programs and other related ceremonies within the jurisdiction of the City of Valencia.
Writer & Composer - Mrs. Ellen "Mai" E. Selecios
Interpreters - Mr. Neil E. Caballero & MVC Sons & Daughters
Thy lofty mountain rangers
Secure thy fertile plains
The people in thy dwellings
Extol thy golden grains
May Pulangi River ever flow
May abundance in thy rich soil grow
May thy verdant fields sustain
The Mortals of thy land
Thy unwave'ring hope
Enduring through the night
Breaking a new dawn
Rising strong with time
Thriving and progressing
Booming never ceasing
Onward go, Valencia City!
Joyful, valiant, free!
Thy culture shall be safeguarded
Nature's wealth, protected
People's faiths, respected
And thy liberty, defended
Deep passion, allegiance and honor
We pledge unto thee
Our City of Golden Harvest
Arise, thou art our pride!
May the God of love
Enfold Valencia City
Now and Eternally!
Ellen "Mai" Selecios
Mrs. Ellen "Mai" Estore-Selecios
Writer & Composer of Valencia Hymn