The Official Seal of the City of Valencia, Bukidnon

   Meaning of the Seal

1st Ring with golden-yellow color represents the city's identity as the "City of Golden Harvest." The two black stars represent its partnership with the Province of Bukidnon wherein Valencia is a component city. 2nd Ring with 31 stars represent the unity and cooperation of the 31 barangays and their circular formation represents their equal role in the city's quest for lasting progress and development Top Quadrant highlights the lowland farm products of the city, primarily, the Valencia Rice. It also represents the mountains and watersheds that sorrounds the city The Right and Left Quadrant represent all the other upland products of the city and the integration of environmental protection and responsible agriculture The Bottom Quadrant represents the business district and commercial growth of the city vis-a-vis its pursuit of keeping clean its main natural resource, the Pulangi River. The Center shows the Coat of Arms of the Philippines signifying the city's loyalty to the Republic and its utmost dedication to nation-building.

 Designer of Valencia City, Bukidnon's Official Seal

Marven Selecios
Executive Assistant IV
City Events Committee, Co-Chairman
The City's Official Seal and Logo is designed by Mr. Marven Selecios, the city's resident visual artist. He is a native of the city and an accomplished painter and digital graphics designer, a photographer and drone videographer. He also designed the City Council logo as well as other notable logos, symbols and graphical arts. Sir Marven has also served as our City Administrator and currently he serves as an Executive Assistant IV to Mayor Sunny Huervas. Concurrently, he also serves as the Focal Person for Training and Capacity Building Program, Chairman for the Special Committee on Civil Service and other Professional Exams, and Co-Chairman of the City Events Committee.